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Meet a new community of like-minded people or invite your own

Join a challenge by searching through the different teams that start each month (click the 'Register' button, then 'Join' challenge button).

Create a challenge by registering your team details and challenge length, then invite your friends, family and colleagues to join you (click the 'Register' button, then 'Create' challenge button).

All challenges start on a Monday and finish on a Sunday.


Set yourself up for success

During registration, choose a challenge level that will assist you in the successful completion of your goals. There are four levels to choose from and each one differs slightly. The key is to ensure the level is challenging, yet achievable.

Level 1 is the simplest, focusing on the creation of positive choices and easing into a challenge without being overwhelmed.

Level 2 is a little stricter, with an emphasis on strengthening food choices and moving a little more.

Level 3 is the most challenging, focusing on proven health strategies that create significant results fast.

Level 4 is customisable, allowing you to create your own nutrition, sleep and movement criteria. This level is about fine-tuning what works best for your body and creating sustainability for the future.


Track your progress over the challenge

Record any information you wish to track over the challenge. This is performed on the "My Details" page and options include:

  • Weight 
  • Body fat
  • Strength (a measurable outcome, such as weight, time or repetitions)
  • Fitness levels (a measurable outcome, such as distance, time or score)
  • Girth measurements (chest, waist, or hips)
  • Mindset information
  • "Before" pictures
  • Personal goals (choose your top 3)

You can track any of the information listed, or leave them blank. After entering your final measurements on completion of the challenge, you can view all of the improvements made.

This information is completely private, unless you wish to share it with your community. Privacy settings can also be accessed and modified on your "My Details" page.


Mindset - Hydration - Nutrition - Sleep - Movement


Each week we provide a different mindset challenge that enhances the way you see your life. This daily 15-minute activity will help you stay motivated, learn new health strategies and SIGNIFICANTLY improve results in the other four habits.

The weekly mindset challenge is viewable on your dashboard each day and changes every Monday. You can choose to perform the default challenge we set for the week, or personalise your own challenge by clicking the "customise challenge" tab and selecting one of the many options available.

If you wish to view what your mindset challenge is for the following week, you can also view it from your dashboard.

You earn 3 points daily for the successful completion of this challenge.


Mindset - Hydration - Nutrition - Sleep - Movement


Hydrating helps your body feel and function better. Each day of the challenge, your goal is to drink a certain amount of filtered water, specific to your body weight and challenge level.

To work out your water intake, the system will ask for your weight and then calculate the amount based upon the level you have chosen.

Minimum hydration levels for a 70 kg female in litres

Level 1: 1.4 litres/day

Level 2: 1.7 litres/day

Level 3: 2.1 litres/day

Level 4: Customisable

Enter your weight into our calculator to see the hydration requirements for the level 1 (the easiest level).


These levels are minimum requirements only. If you live in a hot climate, exercise a lot, or drink diuretic drinks each day, such as tea or coffee, you may need to drink additional water to compensate for this.

The goal is to hydrate with water, however, other fluids (outlined in the hydration document you receive on registration) are also acceptable.

Water quality varies widely around the world. To ensure your water is as pure as possible, we see the use of water filters as important. Water filters are cheap and easily available at most supermarkets and will help to support your immunity and overall health.

You earn 3 points daily for the successful completion of this challenge.


Mindset - Hydration - Nutrition - Sleep - Movement


Nutrition is a critical component of any long-term health solution. Your goal, over the challenge, is to eat in accordance with the nutritional guidelines set out by the level you choose. Each day you start with five points and deduct one when making a food choice that is not nutritionally compliant. We have done our best to classify as many foods as possible, however, if you are still unsure whether something is compliant, the best bet is to leave it out.

Level 1 Introduction

Small, simple steps with the aim of breaking old habits.

This level suits people who may be new to the challenge and/or prefer to ease into the changes necessary for health, without too much limitation. The focus here is on reducing the consumption of processed food and laying the platform for health.

Level 2 Progression

More challenge, with the emphasis on supporting new habits.

This offers more progression and accountability, suiting people who want to take things to the next level. The focus here is on learning the key habits that enable sustainable health in the longer term.

Level 3 Transformation

The ultimate challenge for the more experienced.

This level is the most advanced within the challenge. It suits people who are looking to see how their bodies perform when some of the common inflammatory based foods are removed. The focus here is on learning specific lifestyle practices that can completely transform how your body functions both mentally and physically.

Level 4 Customisation

Fine-tuning your own formula for success.

We all differ in our metabolic make-up, climate, culture and lifestyle, so what is sustainable for one person may not be for another. This level gives you the opportunity to take the reins and create your own set of rules, with the emphasis on sustainability. It suits someone who already has a good knowledge of health and wants to fine-tune things further.

To customise your nutrition, click on the green button below and enter the food choices you wish to follow. It's as simple as selecting the drop-down box and adding yes/no/or a set number of times i.e., 1 alcoholic drink per week. Customising your nutrition gives you complete control over your own dietary requirements.

The challenge is all about choice. Choosing to lose a point or two every now and then, can actually be healthier than forcing yourself to be perfect. Health is as much a mental state as it is a physical one, so if you are out and feel like something non-compliant, go for it! We believe that sustainable health is about balance.

Remember we also have the "Rewards Bank". This is designed so that you can earn extra points and have them ready for when that non-compliant friend drops by, or a dessert looks too good to be true. The "right" nutrition plan is where you can balance the achievement of your health goals with living a sustainable, happy lifestyle. The four levels of nutrition we provide will help you find this balance.

You earn a maximum of 5 points daily.


Mindset - Hydration - Nutrition - Sleep - Movement


With all our modern day pressures, sleep can often be the first thing sacrificed for activities that may seem "higher priority" in life.

Sleep is one of the simplest and most enjoyable ways of improving our health and one which requires a very limited amount of effort. Improved energy, less stress, improved memory and better performance, are just a few of the many benefits that can occur from sleeping well.

Each night of the challenge, your goal is to achieve a minimum of 7 hours sleep.

Once registered, you will gain access to a document explaining everything you need to know about sleep and how to set-up a sleep routine guaranteed to improve both your physical and mental wellbeing.

On each day of your challenge, you will score yourself for the previous nights sleep. This means that on day 1 of your challenge (a Monday), you will score Sunday nights sleep. You earn 3 points daily for the successful completion of this challenge.


Mindset - Hydration - Nutrition - Sleep - Movement


Optimal performance, mental clarity and physical resilience, are just a few of the many benefits we gain from moving. Whether it's weight training, tennis or Tai Chi, this habit is about moving each day in a manner that is fun, builds energy and improves function. 
All movement levels have a daily stretch and exercise component, based on the time commitments you feel are challenging, yet achievable.

Minimum movement criteria:

Level 1 - 5 minutes stretching; 10 minutes exercise (15 minutes of movement each day)

Level 2 - 5 minutes stretching; 15 minutes exercise (20 minutes of movement each day)

Level 3 - 10 minutes stretching; 15 minutes exercise (25 minutes of movement each day)

Level 4 - Customise your own movement habits


Perform stretches that are safe and effective for your body type. If you need some guidance, you can download our sample stretch document from the "My Habits" page once registered.


Any form of exercise is fine, as long as it's safe and matches your body's functional capability. Where you have goals relating to strength and/or fitness, we recommend you be specific i.e., "I want to walk 2.4 km in 30 minutes", or "I want to perform 10 squats in the gym with 50 kg". In the "My Details" section of the system, you can add this information and monitor your pre- and post-game results. 

Level 4 Customisation

Movement in Level 4 is customisable. When you visit the "My Habits" page you can set-up your own movement criteria. This flexibility allows you to tailor a plan to meet the needs of your specific goals and lifestyle. You may choose to workout for small periods of time each day like Levels 1-3, or workout for longer on fewer days, i.e., 4 days a week for 60 minutes. 

Programs and workouts

We pride ourselves on not being another "one-size-fits-all" health challenge. Our goal is to move your health forward through fun, effective exercise, not backward through injury or movement that de-motivates you.

Creating workouts that are both safe and effective, requires specific information relating to a person's strength, flexibility, posture, functional capabilities, medical history, current/past injuries, as well as your exercise preferences. This can be difficult to collate in an online environment, therefore, outside of our blog posts, we don't offer programs or workout examples. 

If you are new to exercise, some of the following ideas may help.

  • Follow your team leader's workout ideas (if available).
  • Complete a workout format that was successful in the past and is still in line with your current goals.
  • Seek a health professional to program a workout for you.
  • Join a facility that provides 1-1, or group training options. Please ensure you are assessed properly before starting, this will help you to remain injury free.

For those looking to improve their overall results, longer exercise sessions 3-4 times a week can help (i.e., 30-60 minutes where appropriate).

Incidental exercise such as taking the stairs instead of the lift, or getting off the bus one stop earlier, can also be put towards the daily exercise requirements.

You must complete both the exercise and stretch criteria to get the 3 points. If you only do one component, you receive 0 points.

You can earn 3 points daily for the successful completion of this challenge.


Each night, log your progress

Logging in and updating your progress helps you stay motivated, track progress and inspire the community you are in.

Scoring is done in the "Submit Score" box of your dashboard and is a two-step process.

  1. 1)Score the habits that you have successfully completed. Ticking the square box represents "yes" I performed this habit and leaving the box empty means "no" I did not. For the nutrition habit, you begin each day with 5 points and lose one for each food choice you make that is non-compliant for your level. To score nutrition, enter a number between 0 and 5. For example, entering a 3 would mean you lost two points for the day.
  2. 2)Post a simple comment on your progress i.e., how you are feeling, what needs to change, what you are learning, or any tasty recipes you have tried, etc.
Record your score

Your posts can be viewed by your teammates and are a great way for you to be motivated and supported by your community.

You can earn up to 17 points per day.

Scoring opens each night from 7 pm and is available until midnight the following evening.

Late scoring or forgetting to submit a post incurs a 1 point penalty per day, so be sure to set up a daily reminder. To post a late score, simply click on the drop-down-box shown in the "Submit Score" section and choose the date that you have missed. You may post late scores for the past 3 days only.


Build-up extra points so you can enjoy the occasional treat, guilt-free.

Rewards points are earned by performing additional activities that improve your results. Examples include exercising for an extra 60 minutes over the week, or learning some new recipes and posting them to your community. These points are great for the inevitable life moments that occur, like the unexpected friend who drops in with a bottle of wine and some dessert, or the planned night out that you know may involve some non-compliancy. To view the ways you can earn these reward points, simply visit the "My Rewards" page.

Reward points are stored in your "Rewards Bank" and automatically applied on days when points are lost. This system allows participants to add another level of choice during the challenge, which can help motivation and improve sustainability.

Reward points cannot be used towards points lost from scoring late, so be sure to submit your daily scores on time!

You can earn up to 3 extra points per week and these can be used at any time i.e., when you are unable to exercise or feel like an extra glass of wine with a friend.

Rewards points can be used towards any habit you wish, howevercan't be applied to past days scores. The bank must be in credit for you to be able to apply points to any given habits.



Time to re-measure and celebrate!

When your challenge finishes (a Sunday), you need to enter your final scores before midnight on Monday. Once entered, take the final measurements you've been tracking over the challenge. To recap, those areas may include body fat, strength, fitness, girth measurements, 'after-pictures' and mindset information. Once you have finalised these, the system will generate a report showing the improvements you have made. Take some time to reflect on these results and the progress you have made over the course of the challenge.

Health is a daily challenge we all face and, when it comes to winning, the prize is simply the way you live, feel and function. We hope that by the end of your chosen challenge, you live, feel and function significantly better than when you began. With that said, some groups may wish to award prizes and crown an official winner. Feel free to set up how you want to measure this by, i.e., the leaderboard, the person with the greatest measurement changes, the greatest gains in fitness or the person with the most weight loss.

Awards nights and post-challenge parties are another great way of maintaining your community and celebrating the hard work everybody has put in.

Your results will be stored in the system to refer to at any time. This enables you to compare all your challenges and track your progress in one simple place.