Many factors that can impact our mindset, however, 7 key areas take priority.
Move the sliders below, left or right, to measure each of these mindset areas out of 10. A score of 1 represents the lower end of the spectrum and a score of 10, the higher end. For tips on how to score yourself, hover over the green information circles. Once completed, you will see your total mindset score out of 70.
As part of our health challenge, we provide daily activities to help you improve each of these areas and create a mindset where health is inevitable.



Below are a few ideas to help you score this section, or you may wish to use your own criteria.

Are you happy with your current financial position?

Do you manage your finances well?

Do you have a positive relationship with money?

Do you have a plan for your financial future?

Some ideas…

Do you sleep well and wake-up rested?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you maintain a healthy diet?

Do you drink plenty of water?

Some ideas…

Are you happy with your current career?

Does your role create any unmanageable levels of worry or concern?

Are your skills and talents being utilised?

Are you fairly paid?

Some ideas…

Do certain people in your life impact your health negatively?

Do you have unfinished business with anyone (e.g., need to forgive, let go, communicate with, or follow- up)?

Are you happy with your romantic life?

Are you happy with your social/community circle (not too big, too small, or lacking a certain type of person)?

Some ideas…

Do you over-engage in time-stealing or numbing habits (e.g., television, computer games, phone use, etc.)?

Are you doing what you want with your life?

Do you take time for reflection and self-development?

Are you part of a community that supports your growth and creativity?

Some ideas…

Are you regularly doing the things you love to do?

Do you try new experiences (travel, sports, activities, hobbies, etc.)?

Do you take regular down-time (holidays, long weekends, breaks from the daily routine, etc.)?

Do you have a balance of work, rest and play?

Some ideas…

Are you happy with your home?

Are you happy with your living conditions – the people, the state of the house, etc.?

Is your home decorated the way you like – décor, furniture, appliances, etc.?

Is the geographical location right for you – the city, state, or country?