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Getting Started Videos

Below are a number of videos to help you better understand the various parts of the challenge.


If you need a quick reminder of your daily habits, click on the MY HABITS page to see the habits specific to the level you have chosen. Here is a quick video to explain the MY HABITS page.


Most of your challenge information is stored on the my details page. Passwords, profile pictures, before and after information, mindset scores and privacy settings can all be accessed here. Below is a short video to explain this page further.


Bonus points are earned by performing additional activities each week. These points get stored in your ‘Rewards Bank’ and automatically applied on days when points are lost. Reward points allow flexiblilty and choice during the challenge and help with both motivation and sustainability.

Here is a short video explaining the MY REWARDS page in more detail.


Scoring is done in the "SUBMIT SCORE" box of your dashboard and is a two-step process.

  1. Score the habits that you have successfully completed. By ticking the square box, you represent "yes" I have performed this habit, and by leaving the box empty, you represent "no" I have not. For the nutrition habit, you begin each day with 5 points and lose one for each non-compliant food choice you make. To score nutrition, enter a number between 0 and 5 i.e., entering a 3 would mean you have lost two points for the day.
  2. Post a simple comment on your progress i.e., how you are feeling, what needs more focus, what you are learning, new recipes you have tried, etc.

Here is a short video to show you how to submit your daily score:


When logged into your dashboard, you will see (in the top right corner) a title that says “THIS WEEK'S MINDSET CHALLENGE”. Under this, is a green box that says CUSTOMISE YOUR MINDSET. Click on this, and then on the down arrow in the blue box, where five customisable choices will appear. Select the one you like and then click on the ‘Save and Return to Dashboard’ button. Your new mindset activity will now appear in your dashboard to remind you what to do each day.

Here is a short video on how to customise your mindset.