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Do you provide programs?

Other than in our blog, we do not provide program templates. The reasons why include:

1) Customisation. We pride ourselves on not being another "one-size-fits-all" health challenge. Our goal is to move you towards your goals through fun, effective exercise, not backward through injury or movement you may not like.

2) Complexity. Creating workouts which are both safe and effective for the online market, requires a lot of specific information. A person's strength, flexibility, posture, functional capabilities, medical history, current/past injuries, as well as what they actually like doing, are just a few examples. Answering these questions can get quite complex and time consuming when signing up, therefore, we like to keep things simple and recommend you continue on with what you feel is safe and effective for YOU. 

If you are new to exercise, some of the following ideas may help.

- Follow your team leader's workout ideas (if available).
- Complete a workout format that was successful in the past and is still in line with your current goals.
- Ask a health professional to program a workout for you.
- Join a facility that provides 1-1, or group training options.