The secrets to sleep success

in Sleep by Geoff Loomes B.Ph.Ed., B.Com., Dip.TLC / December 14, 2016

Sleep 101

With all of our modern day stress, sleep can often be one of the first things sacrificed for activities we deem "higher priority" in life. Colds, flu, aches and pains and a lack of energy are just a few of the many signs that can indicate our sleep habits may need addressing. In short, sleep helps us recover from the demands of our busy lives and recharge our batteries for tomorrow.

The 3 secrets to a successful sleep routine


Regulating when we sleep and when we wake up is essential for sleep success.


Sleep rituals tell your body it’s time to wind down and, in time, it will associate these activities with sleep.

Sleep Environment

With one-third of our lives spent sleeping, it's essential to create an optimal sleep environment.

By regulating sleep, introducing a few nightly rituals and setting up an optimal sleep environment, we can very quickly establish both the quality and quantity of sleep required to live life well.

* If sleep problems persist, seek professional help. Sleep disorders, some medications and certain lifestyle factors can commonly impact sleep and may require professional advice.

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Geoff Loomes B.Ph.Ed., B.Com., Dip.TLC
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