How to get healthy by querying the experts

in Mindset by Geoff Loomes B.Ph.Ed., B.Com., Dip.TLC / June 07, 2018

How to get healthy

Have you ever received ‘expert’ advice on how to get healthy? "This is good for you", "that is bad for you", “the best way to achieve ABC is XYZ”, “this worked for me, so it will work for you”, etc.
The world is full of ‘experts’ who seem to think that health can be condensed down to a generic solution to suit everyone. Unfortunately, all this does is build more confusion, sickness, injury and frustration and contribute to what are now some of the highest rates of ill health in history.

The next time you’re given advice on how to get healthy, QUERY how relevant it is to your individual circumstances. If the advice comes from someone who’s an exact genetic match to you, with the same life experiences and personal preferences, then it may have some relevance, but, if not, proceed with caution and keep your BS meter close.

Ways to query

Queries work by screening information through your own intuitive filter that relates to your unique circumstances right now. The context goes like this, "If THIS occurs, then THIS will be the result, under THESE conditions". Let's look at a couple of examples.

Example 1:

‘Expert’ – “Losing weight is easy. I lost 15 kg by drinking three meal replacement supplements each day. It’s really simple. If I can do it, anyone can do it.”
Your possible query – “If I drink meal replacements, then I may lose weight, but once I stop, I’m likely to return to my original weight or worse. I not sure this fits my idea of how to get healthy.”

Example 2:

‘Expert’ – “Getting fit is easy. I’ve been taking these amazing new 45-minute high-intensity weight training classes that have doubled my fitness levels in just six weeks. I love these classes and I think you will too.”
Your possible query – “If I start these classes my fitness may improve, but I’m not sure this type of training will suit my low energy levels, back pain, lack of flexibility and limited weight training experience.”

Queries help to manage many of the misguided opinions projected on you by people who wouldn’t have the faintest idea about your life circumstances. They take the valuable information that only you know about yourself and provide a simple framework for how to get healthy; a framework with a high success rate, because it’s designed, moulded and shaped by you, for you.

The simple truth is, your body never lies and will tell you everything you need to know about how to get healthy IF you’re prepared to listen. If you’re tired and sore from working out, perhaps modify your workouts to point where they give you energy and make you feel great. If you’re not losing weight from eating a certain way, perhaps modify things one item at a time until you are. When you query things, you become your own health guru and begin to build a connection with yourself that will outlast all the one-size-fits-all fads and misguided advice put together.

For a customisable program on how to get healthy, one that’s unique to your life circumstances and personal preferences, check out our next health challenge at the link below.

Geoff Loomes B.Ph.Ed., B.Com., Dip.TLC
Geoff has been passionately involved in the health industry since 1998, when he graduated from Otago University, New Zealand, with a double degree in Exercise Science and Commerce. Over the last two decades, Geoff has delivered health and fitness programs to hundreds of health professionals, fitness centres, and health conscious companies, and today, he is the director of his own Exercise Physiology practice and founder of the market-leading health software, My Health Challenge. 
Geoff’s vision is to create a healthier, more active world by providing customisable, user-friendly health solutions that motivate, educate and support sustainable change.
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